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Vampire Wars:_Bane Master_ by DreadJim Vampire Wars:_Bane Master_ by DreadJim
=Vampire Wars:Birth of Darkness=
In my VW, players are able to build their dark empire of vampiric origins, choosing what resources and armies to recruit, causing various atrocities such as abducting mass numbers of villagers for experiment,and most of all- lead the war against the East Sacred lands for total dominiation of the fantasy world. The most compelling feature incorporates an extensive RPG and combat system, to quell any action and RPG fan's thirst~ players will select the type of Vampire lord they wish to nurture and fight it out in a dynamic combat system which offers a multitude of skills and cool abilities for the player to use against the "Holy nations"....well all this is in my head though~I would call this idea a Role-playing Strategy game,with emphasis on the roleplaying and medium focus on the strategic parts, and therefore the choices players make affects directly how their playing style works,combat works etc...
VW will be a thoroughly unique yet familiar territory with gamers as the gameplay offers some elements of different genres to keep things compelling. The game will be crafted to be realistic fantasy, with heavy thoughts on units balancing and take away ALL traditional and boring system the genres has seen. For example and demonstration,the below sections offer a little bit of how VW works:

_Unit Traits_
For the first time,the legions of a fantasy game will behave according to how they work logically- a zombie will not get destroyed by maces,and blunt weaponry anymore; instead, the opponent have to use blade wielders, Light magic to dispel these mindless Undead. For people who are worried that this is too specialized, it won’t be, for there are many ways a zombie can be killed,jus not by certain attacks. This makes the player thinks, strategically and differently
“My hits-immune zombies in my earlier levels does not have any use for this stage! Because the Large men of Byzork have Cleaving abilites,lopping the poor freaks’ heads off! Now I have to find other units to counter such as the fast and aggressive Werewolves! OR perhaps I can bolster them with dark magicks!”
This is what I want in a game to unfold, logical(realistic up to a point) choices and creative ways to get the job done at different parts of the game, all up to the player’s imagination.

_Recruiting Creatures_
Recruitment of creatures is also largely unique,not every creature is the same ”build building to get X Unit” that is gone now, units are certainly built this way for the most in VW, but a special system rewards players as quests for the wanted units, and to build certain units, mages have to research and prepare~ for example: the Werewolves of the Dark woods are not gonna easily join your kingdom, they see no point in doing so.
Thus a quest system rewards the player for effectively persuading the Werewolves, OR capturing the latter specimens for the dark labs. What you get from this system boasts different and unique creatures than the one offered in most games, and this is just an example.

_Troop Management_
Ok, lets get down to the part where they do battles, players will loath or enjoy the system and not every player is a control freak who loves micro management to the max. That is why in VW, things are kept to the simplest while letting players do all the crazy things they want easily. Troops are created in one whole troop, that is, they move together as a company, in games u see such as Relic’s Warhammer 40K,Kohan’s series and Rome total War,all strategy games. In VW, the components will resemble a mix of both total war and Kohan. Creatures move in their formations(depending on their inteliigence, so don’t expect lesser zombies to move in one tight pack!) and with the player’s desired Captain( a powerful leader, not necessarily a Vampire) and auxiliary support such as a Lich or a DeathKnight. This gives great flexibility to any players, as they can make the army as complex, or as simple as nothing. When all are set they become one group of smart army and this is where the difference between this systems and all other systems end: Abilities and spells are easily selected as players tab through each unit type in the battle, with ability to pause and make tactical decisions(like Freedom Force) and every type of unit have its own unique use which does not have to be battle abilites. Ghouls(intelligent, living species of Undead) can consume corpses and levelup to eventually rend flesh and bite in battle to refill their lifeforce! (More on this in the next artwork;)

_The World and Vampires_
In the world of Hedral,the lands are divided mainly into two territories;The East Human Empires aka the Sacred Lands and the Western Lands of Vampra.The story begins where Hedral's Major Gods had some indifference and they were split into two factions currently known as the Univa or The Gods of Light whom the humans and other races worship, and of course Vampra and her sides.These gods exists as spirits, as guides in time of crisis, and they complement each other's sides with their domain and effects. While none are considered evil in the first place, humans begin to deem the Vampires, rumored offspring of the dark Goddess Vampra to be evil early on, and from then on the world was thrown into constant conflicts.

Humans were supposedly the descendants and creations of the Univa and they often manifest the qualities of their deities. However their nature were of ambitious and rampant, always looking for lands to conquer and expand, thus were deemed 'rats' by the Vampires of the West.Humans often make war on one another, for dominance and various purposes and this gave rise to the different nations and powers that make up the East. Vampires, on the other hand, do so like the humans,but were slower to anger into conflict between their own kind,instead falling prey to the human crusaders more often than not. Vampires lived jus as humans do, however their superior bodies and intellect granted to them by VAmpra makes them almost immortal;they possess traits deemed superhuman by the Empire such as abilities to regenerate quickly, morphing into various forms, capable of great destruction potential and so on. Thus the flow in Hedral is that humans are trying to kill and extinguish vampires more often than the latter. However the humans understand the dark ones barely little and are often overwhelmed by the prowess of the Vampires.
Due to their habits and way of living, and the fact Vampires consume human blood amongst other creatures, with their affinity to the Undead and bizzare ways, they have been called the Dark ones and Evil,amongst many by the Humans.
However, what they would not know is that Vampires lived in organized castes,have systems of laws and government,just like the humans,albeit maybe more, or even better. In fact, most but a few, branded humans as lower creations and 'little barbaric rats' trying to steal their kingdom. They disliked most human species and thus never really studied them except for a few Senors who felt the need to. The threat the humans possess can often be underestimated; Humans study the lore and magicks of the Univa gods to put good use against them. But more often than not, simple fearless fighters would never win against the dark ones.

Vampire lords are put in charge of each stronghold,making up a part of the Dark Kingdom as they call it, and also in full defense of the keep. They summon the dead,Undead and even creatures and humans whom worship Vampra and her league into positions called captains to minister to the posts.The armies are fearsome and mighty to behold, Undead are literally a big boon from Victarius,the god of death and brother of Vampra, as the Vampires have little friends,much less allies. The Undead are worked by dark mages and therefore require no upkeep and food, providing as cannon fodder for the Kingdom. Believe it or not, the Vampires value life greatly, especially their own kind and therefore will avoid taking risks like the humans in arms do. Other than the variety of undead troops available, they will also befriend Creatures of the Dark and enslave certain powerful beasts such as the Werewolves. But the most powerful of all lies in their own ranks, various figures of poweful knowledge and might combined with Vampra's creatures from the Underworld humans call hell.

_The Honorable and Mighty Beorulf aka Bane Master_
Cohorts, all big and small refer to them as Bane masters, human call them the Scourge of Illyia(a Univa Goddess who reflect his actions in war),and the Diabolical ones. Their noble names in the Vampire family is Beorulf, and they worship Bane, deity of Dominance and War, in addition to Vampra. They believe their blood was to be tinged by Karth, which gives them their towering physiques and immense stature.
Most Beorulves easily hit over 2 m, and there were legends that in ancient times they were almost like giants, albeit with lesser intelligence. They study the lore of Bane, which is how their position comes into place in the family, and they are a respected and potent force in the ranks of Vampra’s might. Bane masters uses magick to enchant their armor, weapons and the like, but do not use them readily like the other lords. Their study of Bane gives them great insight of war, and they have abilities to see enemies’ weaknesses with their glowing eyes of Bane, giving them exceptionally lethal and critical strikes to the enemies. They might be slower in their attacks, but woe to all who stand in the Bane master’s way- one hard critical swing of their weapons can make any armored warrior to explode through the air, punctured and crippled with blood galore. The way of the Bane master is an unpleasant, messy and revolting sight in the eyes of the humans, but to a Bane master, it is filled with ecstasy. Because of the sheer brute force and skill they display, no magick is required to make men flee like rats.
Honorable Bane masters do not chase the fleeing ones, they think it as an insult to their ancestry to do so, however they often pursue the worthy ones who dare challenge them. Bane masters are smart and tactical, they do not rush into battle because of their bloodlust, in fact, they make the best use of opportunities to attack and strike cowardice in the foes’ hearts. And hearts give Bane masters the edge to empower themselves even more, they can gouge the hearts of men to consume in the midst of battle. While other vampires think it vile and distasteful to do so, this act bolsters the Bane master in many ways and provides him with increased regeneration to survive in the frontline. The only thing that a Bane master hates in battle is magic, but more notably the enemy’s magicks. As the Bane master excels heavily in combat, his flaw lies in his magical and ranged capability, even if he can leap to incredible distances. The methods a Bane master can counter this are somewhat limited:they can use their eyes to paralyze humankind and mortals but only if they look directly into his eye, and they can also catapult weaker humans onto ranged attackers if he wishes so/are is surrounded. A war-soaked Bane master is also somewhat terror inspiring, as he’s literally drenched in blood and the blood flowing from his jaws might prove too unsettling for the hind ranks(for the front ranks,they have no choice-they know they are already dead)!
Bane Masters have no need to wear armor, save for their heads, which are the most important part, but they might do so to inspire even greater terror or to impose on them. They are a proud children of Vampra, perhaps even arrogant, this makes them unpopular with the Elders who possess superior intellligence as Bane masters are stubborn and difficult to agree. They serve best with the Zephyons, whose speed and accuracy complement their wild temper and rage in battle.Bane masters often wield dragon bone weapons, which they can enchant to drain the blood from enemies while they unleash their fury, shouting with religious fervor all the time “FOR BANE!!!”

Dreadjim 2005 Copyright

Thanks for the support(pls do!) and hope u like my ideas and artwork!~:D
comments and crits will be appreciated and applied if possible~Peace out~

The Fearsome and Cunning Dreadlord~[link]
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schizoknight12 Featured By Owner May 15, 2014
Wicked awesome bestial evil. So they worship Bane, huh? I can easily see these guys saying this:
"So you think darkness is your ally? But you merely adopted the dark. I was born in it. Molded by it. I didn't see the light until I was a man and by then it was nothing to me but blinding. The shadows betray you because they belong to me."
DreadJim Featured By Owner May 15, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
yea Born in it!nice¬ thoughts and text!
Aeruhl Featured By Owner May 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Vampires - It all started with Dracula. Dracula, a character inspired by Vlad Tepes III. How does bloodthirsty tyrant translate into androgynous metrosexual? Answer: It doesn't.

THIS is a vampire.
DreadJim Featured By Owner May 15, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Garrison-Kelly Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
This guy could easily kick the shit out of those Twilight kids. Hehe! :D
darthsithis Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2009
i really like it... congratulations... this reminds me of Legacy of Kain...
redalloy Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2009
this is awesome. can i use it for yugiohcardmaker
Drusila333 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2008
Beautiful work!
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DreadJim Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
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